Check out some of my friends and colleagues…

Green South Records – Dave Walker’s wonderful record label that distributes my recordings!

The Gathering Tide – Phil Dean’s new folk(ish) project, I’ve played on a few songs on the debut album, and performed some shows with Phil.

Stomp Dog – A mix of dark country/folk, lively bush music and haunting murder ballads, I gig regularly with these folks around the Melbourne area, and you can hear me on the first Stomp Dog album “Songs for the Dead”

Neil Mitchell – Scottish singer-songwriter who is now carving out a new niche as a radio presenter. I co-produced and played fiddle/mandolin/cello/didjeridu on his 2013 album.

Caroline Springs Music School – The largest music school in Melbourne’s west. Here you will find myself, as Head of Strings!

Online Music Soloutions – Enabled thousands of children to develop a love and appreciation of music in its many forms, I also teach with these good people.

Bows for Strings – Repairs, maintenance, rentals, new & used instruments.